We offer expert photography, great marketing strategies, and talented designing and printing, to provide professional service in South Florida.

Recycling Printing Products (Eco-Friendly)

Premium Live Exchange offers a wide range of eco-friendly printing products available in Miami, Florida. Recycled paper is our standard stock.

Highly Skilled Staff

Quality and consistency are an important part of our job. Professionals manage our state-of-the-art equipment, and our talented team will help design your next print project.

State-of-the-art Printing Machinery

The latest technology and machinery for large format, digital, and offset printing in Miami, Florida.

High-Quality Print Materials

Our printing materials are of the highest and only the finest, cleanest, most vibrant inks are used.

Design Guidelines

Safety Margin

Due to unavoidable shifts that occur during the production process, it is important to place any important content of your design (text and graphics) at least 0.125” away from the edge (trim line). Content within our recommended safety margin of 0.125” will not be trimmed from our physical printing products.

The safety margin can be defined in Adobe InDesign during the document setup process or in the Margins and Columns section under Layout. In Illustrator and Photoshop, you will have to set up these guides in the document.

Setting up proper safety margins will help avoid having your objects look as if they are about to fall off the page and ensure they are not trimmed off.


Bleed is the artwork that extends past the trim line or finished size of your product. If any element of your artwork is designed to be printed to the edge, it must be extended past the trim line and into the bleed area by a minimum of 0.125″.

The addition of bleed compensates for uncontrollable shifts that occur during the printing and trimming process; and ensures that any content touching the edges does not leave unwanted gaps or borders.