Special because it can really capture intimate moments, family lifestyles, and unique personalities, welcome to Portrait Photography.

Self Portraits

Self Portraits capture an individual’s personality the best.

This is a photoshoot between you and the camera in your favorite place, at the right time, with the ideal wardrobe, to show how unique your life is.

Schedule a Self Portrait photography session to capture your personal aspects, traits, and lifestyle in Miami, Florida.

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Family Portraits

Family Portraits are splendid in how they capture the charisma among family members and loved ones.

Group Portraits are more challenging because the interaction and the poses of everyone in the group must be taken into consideration in order to capture the most natural moment. However, with more people it is easier to capture genuine interaction, as a result memorable moments get journaled.

Pets are also welcomed to be a part of our Family Portraits too as we are available for Pet Photography services. Pets are just as important and special moments with them can be captured with our cameras.

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Conceptual Portraits

Conceptual Portraits capture an idea or a concept through a photograph.

It could be as simple as capturing someone’s lifestyle while sending a message through that picture.

With the use of props, settings, poses, or even photo editing styles, an idea can be conveyed from a photograph to an audience.

Really there are no rules and since Conceptual Portrait Photography encompasses an idea, the possibilities are endless.

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